The Product benefit

Our telephony service completes our offer,easy and cost-efficient. And you don’t need several suppliers.

3 in 1 solution

A single provider for a global solution
Wifi + TV + Telephony

Passman, based on the internet technology, offers a complete range of services for your house. We manage all of your wifi, TV and telephony offers and you can stay focused on ythe core activities of ypour business without losing time trying to manage the business relationships with countless providers.

Unified communication

Telephony was and is an essential service in hotels and generate important costs .

Our Telephony solution integrates RTC, BRI and VoIP communications. It is flexible and cost efficient, allowing you to optimize your budget.

Economic package

Our offer package allow you to reduce the costs of telephony drastically

Client invoicing

Independent from your own invoicing. Thus, you can offer communication services to your clients or generate additional income.

Rules for individual calls

We adapt the rules to your needs … Rules for calls by telephone groups (room, reception, administration), simultaneous ringing of several phones, keyboard shortcuts, redirecting calls from the reception to the watchman during the night

PMS link

We can create an interface between your telephony and your PMS.

More information


Wifi access is one of the most important element when choosing a hotel.

Our turnkey Wifi solution will entirely satisfy your clients and you can stay concentrated on your core activities.

TV over IP

The TV service is a service that has seen a lot of changes in the last years.

Don’t get left behind and integrate our interactive TV solution.

Our connected products

A complete offer


Performance and reliability

Numerous simultaneous connections, easy to use


Digital and interactive

VOD – Media transfer – A program dedicated to your services


Digital visibility

Your information can be seen everywhere in your hotel