22 Feb

Product information: Wifi

Advantages of the captive Wifi port

The captive portal is an essential step for your clients connecting to your wifi network for guests, thus, it is important to pay attention to the details of this portal…

That’s why, during development of our captive portal,we have concentrated our efforts, on two essential aspects: ease-of-use and customization.o.

Your guests won’t spend much time on the portal but it will be the element that is important for the first impression of your wifi. It plays an important role in the client’s global experience and will influence the note given to your Wifi network in forums and on online booking sites.


Automatic detection

the captive portal loads automatically when the network has been chosen or the browser has been opened


it runs all all types of devices and does not need to be modified to work with a specific OS or browser

Device recognition

the type of the device used by your client is automatically recognized and the display adapts to the size of the computer, tablet, smartphone

Choice of language

the portal opens in the language of the browser, as a standard, and, if the language is not recognized, in English


the login process is always very easy, to be connected in only a couple of clicks


Graphic charter

the portal becomes a communication tool in your colors and integrating your logo

Access type

free of charge or DUO (free of charge/payable), you choose what you want to offer to your customers


from simple CGU acceptation to complete forms, you chose what you ask of your clients


you can redirect the homepage to a URL of your choice

Local information

the portal presents regional and local information, such as the wheather forecast and all this starts right on the login

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